Family shadow on Dad's Bait Shop property

Our Story

As dads, we love spending time fishing with our children.  We have well over 40 years combined experience running businesses and we decided to put that to good use doing what we love.  This is a family owned company and even though the third generation in the company might be a little young, we still make a place for the little ones.  Sam is the security guard and Lila runs the candy corner.

Our Approach

Customer Oriented

The customer experience is the leading source of uniqueness to Dad's Bait Shop.  We serve all our customers this uniqueness.


Our Story

Our Location

We are conveniently located on the way to Lake Brewer.  Whether you are a regular local or a visitor just by to compete in a crappie or bass tournament, we can't wait to meet you.

Meet the Owners

Dad's Bait Shop was named due to the respect, honor, and relationship of many Dads.  Specifically, the two owners Bill and David.

Dad's Bait Shop Mailbox

Bill Hall

David's Dad

Bill has been CEO of other corporations with great success and achievement, part of what will make this one of his greatest last ventures to date.  Bill and David have been working together in business for over 20 years.

David with kids

David Hall


David maintains the day to day operation of Dad's Bait Shop.  He is Dad to Sam (age 8; security guard), Lila (age 6; runs candy corner), Mud Bug (security dog), and Shadow (the cat that eats the dead minnows).  David is a preacher man, works in the medical field as a CNA, and a Cub Scout Wolf Den leader for pack 71.

Drop by

Come visit us and get some bait.  Grab some coffee while you're at it, too!