Fishing, live bait, worms

Live Bait

Fishing the way God intended - the right way -  with live bait.  We have all the good stuff, including red worms, night crawlers, crappie minnows, bass minnows, goldfish, and crickets. Remember, this is the bait used when you caught that record winner?  Too bad no one else saw it...


Tackle & Fishing Supplies

If you would like some bait that doesn't move as much, we've got that, too!  We have frozen shad, chicken livers, and shrimp.  Along with any of the other stuff to get you going or keep you on top of your fishing game.


The Best Things in Life

We have a lot to offer, but don't forget to try out the coffee.  We always have fresh coffee brewing for customers on the way to Lake Brewer.  We also have free air and the BEST customer service around - no additional charge.

Since 1993

We are here for you

At Dad's, we provide all of your fishing needs including live bait, tackle, fishing supplies, snacks, & drinks.

We are conveniently located on the way to Lake Brewer, right on the first access road.

We are here for the love of fishing and everything that comes with it, including (but not limited to) dads sharing their time doing what they love with the people they love. Think about it - many people learned to fish from a loved one and we like doing the same thing with our children.

We also have the best customer service around. We treat you the way we want to be treated and that's what makes us special.

Whether you're local or you are visiting, we want you to feel welcome and we look forward to seeing you the next time you are around.


Concrete foundation of Dad's Bait Shop with handprints of Dad & children.
Concrete foundation of Dad's Bait Shop with handprints of Dad & children.

Don't forget to stop by...

Take a look around.  We definitely have what you need to make your fishing trip a success, even if you don't catch that whopper.  We can even swap fishing stories.